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Experience Matters

Diana is the only candidate in this race endorsed by local law enforcement associations, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Florida Police Benevolent Association. She is the only candidate endorsed by Orlando Professional Firefighters, and West Orange Political Alliance. She is endorsed by local leaders of every kind, including Lawson Lamar, Sheriff Jerry Demings, Martha Haynie, John Tegg, and hundreds of others.

Diana's News and Views

Why do you want to be a Judge?

By Diana Tennis on | News and Views


I have always hoped the time would come when I could serve my community as a circuit court judge. Maybe I did not fully consider the yard signs and elections and . . . well, you know, the politicking. But I did know one day the bench would call, and I would need to work hard to answer.

I love being a trial lawyer. But representing one point of view, one perspective, one position to argue is limiting. I am very good at digesting a lot of information, spotting important issues, and getting to the bottom line. Now I want to use those skills in the courtroom. A judge’s role is to consider all corners of the debate and render intellectually honest, fair decisions, with integrity and compassion. Some days, this will be a challenge, but I will strive to meet this goal every day.

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Thanksgiving from Me to You

By Diana Tennis on | News and Views

                                                     Thank you supporters!


For the 166 of you that took the time to send your written endorsement, and the 100+ that sent much appreciated financial contributions. And to the dozens of community, legal, and political leaders who have taken the time to have breakfast, coffee, lunch, and more coffee, to talk, strategize, empathize, counsel, advise, and on occasion – console,  a first time over-eager candidate for public office.

Thank you to my campaign family, for the meetings, and ideas, and hard work…and to all of the friends and colleagues who have stepped up and offered additional assistance now that we are going into an opposed race next year. In advance I thank you for all that you have promised, thanks for joining this adventure with us!

It is a blessing and beyond to have a treasurer who is as energized, brilliant and thoughtful as my husband, Michael. Thank you for the endless sacrifices of time, and for letting me go ON and ON about all things political. Eleven months honey, we can do this!

I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season, and all of you are a part of that.



Update. Brace Yourselves.

By Diana Tennis on | News and Views


But first a quote:

” The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

- Alan Watts


detourSo long story medium-long: The judicial seat that I initially filed in will no longer be an elected position, because the retiring judge has decided to retire early. That seat will now be appointed by the governor, and that person will not have to face re-election next year. Following so far?

In order to continue moving toward my goal of being on your circuit court bench, I have moved to seat 32. This means I am no longer “unopposed” but will be running against Patricia Strowbridge.

Clinging to the moment has never stopped time or change. I started this campaign with an opponent, I have worked every single day on this campaign as if I would ultimately have an opponent and unexpected change will not slow my or the campaign’s momentum. I am as determined as ever to do what it takes to earn the voters’ trust and then be the most hardworking, compassionate, and effective judge possible.

Your support, more than ever, will be critical, valued, and appreciated.

-Diana Tennis, proud and determined candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Ninth Circuit, Seat 32






My “Appeal” to You

By Diana Tennis on | News and Views

 banana up

Appeals don’t appeal to most folks – they yawn. Not me!

I have researched and written appeals in all kinds of cases;  criminal, family, dependency, civil. Appeals are great for teaching a trial lawyer how to make sure that everything is done right the first time.

Appellate work highlights the most problematic parts of a trial. In criminal trials for example – jury selection mistakes are more likely than other kinds of mistakes to result in a re-trial. Also what kinds of “findings” or facts are needed to support decisions by the trial judge. This is a big deal. Parties without lawyers,  or new lawyers,  may not know what kinds of “findings of fact” are necessary – either spoken out loud by the judge with a court reporter there, or written in the order.

Without this reasoning – even the right decision can be overturned on appeal. These reversals for new proceedings, or even just for additional findings or explanations from the judge, are time consuming and keep the parties from getting the closure they need.

If I am elected a circuit court judge I may be the “appellate” court for appeals from county court cases, or for “appeals” from magistrate decisions. Having been involved in appeals will make that much more natural. As a circuit judge, it would be important to me to know that decisions I made were solid and that the orders I entered were correct and would be affirmed, or approved of,  by the appeals court.